From humble roots to intertwined rings: Audi's story wouldn't be complete without starting with August Horch. In 1909, his namesake company laid the foundation, later transformed into "Audi," meaning "to listen" in Latin. But Audi's rise came in 1932 when four German automotive titans - Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer - merged, forging Auto Union.

The iconic emblem featuring four interlocking rings materialised, symbolising more than just a new entity but the amalgamation of legacy and expertise from these visionary individuals. This spirit of innovation drove Audi forward. They dared to pioneer the lightweight aluminium spaceframe, building cars lighter, stronger, and greener. Then came Quattro, the revolutionary all-wheel drive that redefined performance in the snow and dust, granting Audi dominance in rally racing.

In the contemporary landscape, Audi continues to be a pioneer. The E-Tron fleet is paving the way for an electrified future, as their commitment to autonomous driving may signal a shift in the conventional rules of the road. With a vibrant history woven with threads of unwavering progress and an insatiable quest for driving excellence, Audi authentically encapsulates their motto: "Vorsprung durch Technik" - progress through technology.

Towing data

Model Towing *unbraked Towing **braked
A1 0kg – 640kg 0kg – 1200kg
A2 0kg – 550kg 1000kg – 1400kg
A3 0kg – 750kg 0kg – 2300kg
A4 0kg – 750kg 0kg – 2100kg
A5 0kg – 750kg 0kg – 2100kg
A6 0kg – 750kg 0kg – 2300kg
A8 0kg – 750kg 0kg – 2300kg
e-tron 0kg 1800kg
Q2 670kg – 750kg 1700kg
Q3 0kg – 750kg 1800kg – 2000kg
Q5 750kg 2000kg – 2400kg
Q7 750kg 2800kg – 3500kg
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the towing weights provided on this website are accurate, we always recommend checking the vehicle logbook (V5) for the official towing capacity. We accept no responsibility if the towing weights provided on this website are incorrect.

*Unbraked towing capacity is the maximum your vehicle can tow if the trailer you are towing has no brakes.

**Braked towing capacity is the maximum your vehicle can tow if the trailer you are towing has its own brakes. This figure is always almost higher than the unbraked amount.



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