Chevrolet, the iconic Bowtie brand, is woven into the very fabric of American automotive history. Founded in 1911 by Swiss-born engineer Louis Chevrolet and automotive pioneer William C. Durant, Chevrolet has become synonymous with dependable, stylish, and often groundbreaking vehicles. There are several theories about the origins of Chevrolet's bowtie logo. According to a popular theory, William Durant, being a world traveller, was inspired by the wallpaper of his French hotel room one day. There were claims that the wallpaper had a pattern resembling a bowtie. Chevrolet is known for its wide range of quality and affordable vehicles, from beefy trucks to subcompact cars. It is renowned for its rich motorsport heritage and for manufacturing one of the most iconic sports cars in the world - the Corvette.

Towing data

Model Towing *Unbraked Towing **Braked
Avalanche n/a 907kg-5443kg
Aveo 400kg 1000kg – 1100kg
Blazer 0kg – 454kg 907kg – 2600kg
Captiva 750kg 1500kg – 2500kg
Cavalier n/a 907kg – 4266kg
Cobalt n/a 454kg
Corvette n/a 907kg – 4266kg
Cruze 695kg – 750kg 1200kg – 1400kg
Epica 700kg 1200kg – 1700kg
Equinox n/a 1588kg – 3175kg
Evanda n/a 1500kg
Express Cargo Van n/a 2676kg – 4542kg
Express Passenger Van n/a 2767kg – 3357kg
HHR n/a 456kg – 778kg
Impala n/a 454kg - 2952kg
Kalos 0kg – 500kg 1100kg
Lacetti 610kg 1200kg
Lumina n/a 907kg – 5443kg
Matiz 0kg – 400kg 600kg – 907kg
Monte Carlo n/a 454kg – 4264kg
Nuira n/a 1100kg – 1206kg
Optra n/a 907kg – 2948kg
Orlando 750kg 1100kg 1500kg
Silverado n/a 2132kg – 7488kg
Tacuma 600kg – 690kg 1200kg – 1500kg
Tracker n/a 680kg
Trailblazer n/a 2608kg – 3221Kg
Trax 500kg 1200kg
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the towing weights provided on this website are accurate, we always recommend checking the vehicle logbook (V5) for the official towing capacity. We accept no responsibility if the towing weights provided on this website are incorrect.

*Unbraked towing capacity is the maximum your vehicle can tow if the trailer you are towing has no brakes.

**Braked towing capacity is the maximum your vehicle can tow if the trailer you are towing has its own brakes. This figure is always almost higher than the unbraked amount.



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